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Burlesque & Specialty Artist


Performing is Pony's first love!

She has brought her unique & unforgettable style of burlesque to audiences across the country, including her home, Las Vegas!

Dance Instructor


Pony has spent the last 7 years bringing empowerment to women through dance classes. She has given countless ladies from around the world their introduction to pole, burlesque & movement to channel their sexiest self.



After drawing ever since she could hold a crayon, Pony started the popular Instagram account, PonyPoisonMemes, to share humor and inspiration through her cartoons. They now appear in 3 books available on Amazon.

Dance Videos

Comedy & dance meet in this short story about finding pole dancers in unlikely places!

A hilarious short story of rejection told thru music & dance in a vintage speakeasy

Live Performances

Bang Bang: A bold act to a bluesy song

Six Foot Papa: A rare example of Pony without her trademark chair or pole, but just as much sexy style

"Lap Dance For No One”: A slinky sultry act with flexi floor work and chair

It’s Oh So Quiet: The cutest happiest chairlesque act you’ve ever seen...

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